Spring Is Here-6 Darling Diy Spring Decorating Ideas


Spring Decorating Ideas


Spring is here and I am ready to tell you about some Spring decorating ideas! Well a girl can dream can’t she? Recently the weather has been agreeing with me so I got excited and figured I’d tell you about decorating for Easter. Now that you have done your spring cleaning and gotten organized with my last two articles. You can see them here.  Are You Spring Ready? and Clearing The Clutter. The coming of spring obviously means warmer weather but it also can bring new beginnings. The snow and ice begin to melt and the ground begins to soften up eagerly awaiting the arrival of new blossoms.

I finally get to turn off the furnace and open up the windows to allow the fresh air in. The warmer weather is a sign that the cold and bitter days have come to an end and life starts to show all around us. Birds begin to fill our mornings with sounds of spring and the sprouting flowers provide us with a colorful scenery that make it hard to frown. Bring a little of the outdoors in and get happy! Get ready for spring with these six decorating ideas that are sure to wipe away the winter blues.


Although our yards are usually the focus of some sort of creative sprucing that will introduce the coming of spring but it is not the only thing that needs some care. Let’s explore some ways you can bring life to that front door. Wreaths are not just good for the Christmas holidays they are great for anytime of the year. Easter wreaths are becoming more and more popular so with all the different designs and colors the possibilities are endless.

You could do a pretty tulip wreath. They are filled with beautiful tulips arranged in a circular pattern and are a creative way to welcome spring. I found this online and decided to create one myself. I was going to suggest just buying one but I have not found them in any store. They are super easy to make so you could just make one yourself. Click the link below to receive instructions on how to create your very own. With a few inexpensive items and some free time these colorful creations can be yours for years to come. Given you have the space you can also add a planter on each side of the door to complete the look.



Click this link to download the instructions for this beautiful tulip wreath


Another spring decorating idea that is sure to make a statement are the front door monograms. I love these because you can dress them however you like. You can showcase your creativity with a phrase or just a letter. Perhaps the first initial of your last name. They can be totally customized which sets your house apart from the others. You can assemble them yourself with some wooden letters, some yarn, hot glue and ribbon. I also like to add moss or wrap some type of greenery around it to really make it pop. You can also go to a local craft store and get some little berries or flowers to add to it too.



Mantel pieces are a fun way to show your easter spirit by displaying some fun and easy decorating ideas that will help get the kids involved. My first choice for this venture would be an easter egg garland. Its simple and easy to make and will add some color to your space. These can be made with some string or fishing wire and colorful plastic eggs. Just string them together and hang from each corner.

Another great find for me are the mason jars. I just love these. You can do so much with these. There are plenty of styles you can go with. I personally like the matte chalk painted color ones with flowers coming out the top. These little beauties are really inexpensive to make and will add color and character to any mantel piece. You can check them out on Pinterest to see how to make these.


What better way to express your inner easter than to display some of your beautiful creations on your table tops. Dinning and living room tables are not just for food and laptops but they are a great way to add personality to a room. You can add some color and fun to any space by giving your table tops a little extra attention. My personal favorite I found comes from stonegableblog.com 10 Minute Decorating…The Easter Edition! With a few simple steps you can add some style and elegance with this charming piece.


Cookies! Cakes! Cupcakes! Oh My!

Spring is also a time of some new culinary creations. Let’s be honest, Easter is about the taste of spring just as much as it is about the colorful decorations. Get creative in the kitchen to bring some of your favorite recipes to life. I found a way to liven up those boring rice crispy treats by forming them into the shape of Easter eggs. These are easily made with some plastic eggs, Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows and sprinkles. Cupcakes, cookies and cakes are absolutely darling ways to decorate and fill your space with the colors and personality of spring.


Springtime Is Here

With spring around the corner there is no time to waste. I challenge you to make this year your most creative year yet. My hope is that the taste and smells of spring get your creative juices flowing to come up with some really cool Easter decorating ideas. I hope to inspire the inner home decorator in you with this article. I’d like to hear from you so if you have any inspirations of your own, drop me a comment. Happy Decorating!





10 thoughts on “Spring Is Here-6 Darling Diy Spring Decorating Ideas

  1. It’s amazing how I never thought to decorate my door or the area around it. Right now my front door is so plain-jane with a boring doormat. Love the wreath ideas and it sounds simple enough to do, even with adding complementing pot plants. My front door is going to be shocked & really happy when I’m done 🙂 Thank you Davona!

    1. Yay Yemi! I am so glad you found inspiration! I love the wreaths they really liven up your front porch and curb appeal. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes

  2. Definitely some great tips here. I like to stand out from the crowd and so does my partner. She’ll absolutely love hanging
    flowers off of the door and most especially baking cookies and cupcakes. A new season means new changes, so that’s what we’ll be doing in our household. Thanks for the eye-opener 🙂

  3. Hi, great decorating ideas. A wreath will always give your visitors a welcoming feeling. Can’t wait to go digging in my garden but not good at the baking thing. Thanks for sharing your ideas with a bright and cheerful site.

    1. Hey Beverly!

      I appreciate your feedback! I am glad you found some of the ideas useful. The rice Krispy treat recipe is easy and can be found on any box of Rice Krispy Cereal box. You can pick up the plastic egg molds from the dollar store. Give it a try! Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Warm wishes, Davona

  4. I am so excited for spring!!!! It is currently snowing as we are having a Nor’easter, but I am longing for springtime. I always enjoy decorating my fireplace mantle, putting something seasonal on the front door and adding a pop of spring to our dining room table. Your tulip wreath is so pretty! I love the pink and white of the tulips.

    1. Hi Gwendolyn!

      Thank you for your comment. I am experiencing the residual from the Nor’easter. It turned from spring to winter in a day! Stay warm and get ready for spring to get here. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Warm wishes, Davona

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