Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You


Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Fresh out of master bedroom decorating ideas? Does your bedroom give you a sense of peace? Are you able to unwind and turn off the chaos when you step into your boudoir? Read on to see all the exciting I have in store for your bedroom.

Your home should be a place of peace and tranquility. A place to relax after a hard day. It may have many functions depending on the room. We gather our family and friends in the living room, dining area and game rooms or even the kitchen when we are entertaining.

Taking care of your home, although doable, can be a huge undertaking with all the other responsibilities life throws at you but it is imperative that you set aside some time for self regeneration. In setting aside some time it is also important to create a space that allows you to unwind. For me that space is my bedroom. Let’s take a look at some master bedroom decorating ideas to draw some inspiration.

Bedroom Wall Color Ideas

Your bedroom wall color will set the stage to defining a style and what the room will represent for you. The decor and accessories should not only be a compliment but add to the ambiance without overwhelming the space. Choose soothing or cooler hues for your walls to create a calming affect. Decorate with the intention of using visually pleasing colors to reinforce your level of comfort.

Dark gray-blue is a cooler hue that will add a little drama and calm down the space. Leaving you with a feeling of relaxation and ready for sweet dreaming. This color pallete can be a little heavy so it is advised that you break up the heaviness by accessorizing with some lighter colors. Inject some white accents such as pillows and throws to reflect light. If white is too much than go with hues of yellow.

Keeping the restlessness away can seem like a difficult task but with a little patience and knowledge of how different colors will affect your mood you can introduce some calmness to your bedroom that will have you calling the sandman in no time. Green is a color that will also effectuate calm and comfort. Choose a color palette with green hues and tones to promote a relaxation station that you will be happy to chillax in.

When sophistication is what you are after try a muted blue-green color to set the stage and create a relaxing scene. You must also consider the age of the people occupying the bedroom. If sleep and rest is the purpose then I would not encourage bright colors for an adult but would rather encourage these colors for a child’s room. Purple is a color that signifies royalty, however experts suggest this color encourages unpleasant dreams so keep it away from your bedroom walls.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Paint is not the only way add flair to your bedroom. Try some wall jewelry such as canvas paintings. Canvas panels are stylish and a pretty awesome way to make a statement. Balance is important in home decorating so If you have one large panel, make sure it is not wider than the furniture it will be over. Be sure to hang it within your eye’s view.


Decorating with several canvas panels that make up one picture can be fun. Just remember to arrange them with about two inches in between each panel and six inches on each side to give a centered appearance. Whatever you do be consistent to produce a more uniform look. If you have smaller pictures you can create wall art by building a collection. Applying 2-3 rows of like pictures or themed collections are always a good idea. Be sure to use the same spacing rules for this look as well. Take a look at some other wall art ideas for your master bedroom.

  • Mirrors
  • Decorative Wallpaper
  • Initials
  • Flower Portraits
  • Cascading String Lights
  • Framed Fabric
  • Faux Brick

Master Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Bedroom furniture is just as important as the decor. Make your master bedroom a masterpiece by showcasing a beautiful backdrop. Upholstered headboards ooze sophistication and class. I was able to get a really chic black king-sized one from Groupon for only $200. Tufted headboards with a velvet fabric is an easy and fabulous way to incorporate some elegance and drama into your beauteous bedchamber.


No more traditional master bedroom furniture because of this headboard idea that is trending. It is one for the DIYers. The rustic farmhouse design style is trending this season. Distressed furniture, wrought iron accessories and vintage signs all lend themselves to this decor. Add in an old distressed door and you have yourself an exceptional, one of a kind headboard making your bed the centerpiece of the room.


There is more to a room than the bed and the walls. It’s also important to develop a space that promotes a relaxing mood outside of the bed. After all, your life is too busy to be sleep all day. Bring in a couple of cozy chairs to catch up on some reading or a chase lounge for some outside gazing or just to inspire some thinking. Add in a couple of nightstands on each side to give visual balance for a more complete look.


Master Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Do not forget about your floor! Your preference depends on your personality. For me, I like to think that when I step outside of my covers and my feet hit the floor that my toes won’t be shocked by the temperature of the floor. If you are like me you will want to include carpet or a nice area rug in your bedroom decor. There are so many choices. Carpet not only is kind to your feet it also serves as an insulator for those cold winter mornings. Energy efficient also comes to mind when that heating bill comes in.

If you are in a warmer climate, carpet may not be your number one choice. Hardwood floors are very popular and add a nice natural aesthetic to the room. Your choices can include, reclaimed woods, red oak, maple planks and distressed wide planks. Whatever your preference, hardwood flooring are definitely a beautiful option.

Vinyl flooring has been making a comeback in home flooring. This is because it is not that cheap looking vinyl from grandma’s house anymore. They have a variety of flavors that give you the look of hardwood without the cost or high maintenance making clean up pretty easy and it lasts long too.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

​If you are anything like me you do not have a lot of bedroom space. There will be no chase lounge, seating area, breakfast nook thingy. All you have room for is a bed, a dresser, one side table and a television. How do you make this work? Just keep reading and I will show you how to make your small bedroom have big style.

Small bedrooms are no different than any other small space.  Play with colors and drapery to make the room appear larger. Be sure to use lighter color shades like creams, pale grays and blues. You can also use the monochromatic color scheme. Monochromatic is where you apply different tones and hues or variations of one color in your color scheme. Place your curtains above the window frame to draw the eyes upward. This will create the appearance of higher ceilings.

It is good practice to use multipurpose furniture so that you can have seating that doubles as storage. A cute little ottoman that has a detachable lid to put pillows and throws in when they are not being used is a great way to add some flair while saving space. You can also position your bed diagonally instead of straight against the wall.

Use light fixtures with swing arms that can be mounted instead of lamps on a side table so that you are not wasting any space. If saving space is essential to you and you don’t have to worry about waking up on the floor if you roll over in the middle of night, then go with a daybed. It will provide you with a cozy little space to curl up with a good book and relax.


The truth is these are just suggestions but the choices for decorating your master bedroom are limitless. Try some suggestions in this post and drop me a comment to let me know how it turns out. Always be bold, be creative and be YOU! Happy Decorating!





16 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

  1. The wall color trick for calming the space is one I’ve always heard. I think this part stood out to me because I try to make my bedroom my place of peace.
    I think I might start shopping around for a nice headboard, because you’re right, every time I see them done right, it’s so classy looking. It definitely adds something!

    1. Thank you Erika for your comment! I just did my bedroom a few years ago and blue is the color of my walls. We just got a new bed and I sleep like a baby but I think I’m ready for a new look. Headboards are a great way to set yourself apart from the next design. I am happy that you found some inspiration with this article Erika. Be sure to check in weekly. Best wishes

  2. Hi Davona,
    A bedroom truly should be a sanctuary where you can relax at the end of your day, especially in this day and age. Thank you for your suggestions. I really liked the idea about adding bedroom wall jewelries. 🙂 Amongst all these things, that is probably the easiest I can do at the moment.

  3. Currently I share a room with my toddler son, my bed & his playyard / bed are in one area that is large enough to comfortably encompass both of us. Our walls are mint / avacado green, and I ordered this *string* that came with *paper picture frames* and mini *clothespins* that you hang on your wall, somewhat like hanging your laundry except your are displaying photographs and “hanging them” to dry to to speak. It looks so cute, It comes with 10 photos you can hang so I display all picture of my son when he was a baby. Above that I kept my baby shower “Its a baby boy” banner so it matches perfectly with the hanging pictures, it all looks so tasteful for the point that I share a room with my baby. I also have my own dresser and my son has his own little mini dresser, very cute. I appreciate my bedroom with my budget but eventually I would like my own space and when I can get my own apartment and get my son his own room I would like to play around with ideas for how I want my room to look like . Thank you for this inspiration on room ideas.

    1. Hey Sophia,
      I have seen the type if hanging photos you are talking about. They are so adorbs! I love the mint/avacado color. That is what I have on my walls in my foyer and entry hallway. I’ve used chocolate to accent it. I am happy that you found some inspiration with this article. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes

  4. These are all great ideas! I live in Florida, so I have chosen to paint my walls a melon color. I have seashell portraits, and seashells in framed cases on the walls. Then I have added floor rugs with a beachy design. Same goes for the bedding…very Florida like. Then the furniture looks like distressed wood. I love the overall effect 🙂

    1. Hi Matts Mom,
      That sounds like a very pretty design. It is sure to keep you in a good mood. I would imagine that living in a climate like Florida would definitely have some influence on the decor. Thank you for your comment and be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips! Best wishes

  5. I just rearranged my bedroom furniture and updated the bedspread for summer. Now I have more ideas for updating this space. You have my wheels turning, especially with the carpet idea. What about decor for the dresser? Is the idea of “less is better” still relevant?

    1. Hi Tamika!
      Yes the thing I didn’t mention in this article which I think is important and may add at a later time is changing decor for the season or warmer climates. Decor is different in New York than it is in Cali. Also, my personal opinion is, yes, “less is better” Clutter is a big pet peeve of mine so if I can find a decorative way to provide storage like a decorative woven basket,then I would go with that and put some of the little things away. Place something big like art work above it to create balance. You could also use a houseplant on top of the dresser. I hope some of these ideas will help you pull your look together. Thank you for your comment and as always, please check in for my weekly updates. Best wishes Tamika!

  6. I love this! I am currently moving spaces and I really want to create a bedroom that is comfortable and peaceful. I think that colors and patterns play a big role in how calm you feel in your spaces. Thank you for these tips! I will definitely use them!

    1. Hey! I am happy that you were able to find inspiration in this article! When your room gives you a feeling of calm, it allows you to get the proper down time and sleep you need to fuel tomorrow. Thank you for your comment and be sure to check in weekly for any updates! Best wishes

  7. I really liked this article. My bedroom is a disaster. My walls are white, I prefer white or creamy white walls because I love brightness. But there is no headboard, no end tables because my apartment is small. I do, however have 2 large plants in there and a table for my desk. Help.
    P.s., I do love your information about flioring, I prefer carpet.

    1. Hi Marette,
      You can certainly use lighter or brighter colors for your wall to create a cheery space. That’s the great thing about decor is that you get you inject your own personality. If you go with lighter colored walls just accessorize with darker hues of that same color to balance the look. Please check back in because I will be elaborating on decorating small bedrooms very soon. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hello Davona,
    Very nice article. You are so right, the bedroom wall is one part that people don’t take advantage of – the color part. We need to take a page from the Asians when it comes to Feng Shui – the way we choose the direction of our furniture and the color coding. It is all about function and flow. Yes, imagine this – a bright RED on your bedroom wall and you wonder why you can’t sleep!
    Thanks for sharing your tips and suggestions.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Yes, Feng Shui is definitely one way of decorating and harmony is a very important thing to create in your bedroom. No RED walls for me either, girl. Thanks for your comment! I am super happy you enjoyed this article. Be sure to check back in to see what I’ll be talking about next week. Best wishes.

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