Finding Your Design Style In 4 Simple Steps


Finding Your Design Style

Searching for your individual style in this world is so important. However, finding your design style is essential for your individuality and sometimes your sanity. If you are anything like me, most days are filled with activities that are designed(no pun intended) to service something or someone else. Being a mom usually has me doing hair, helping with homework, cooking dinner and sometimes I am a mannequin stand-in for my youngest daughter’s pretend YouTube videos. Add my 9-5 to that and I’m exhausted.

As a little girl my family and I would take drives through different neighborhoods on warm summer nights. I wasn’t playing with my barbies, instead I was looking out the window into the homes with their doors and drapes open trying to catch a glimpse of how the inside was decorated.

Little did I know, I wasn’t just looking at what pleased my young eye, I was identifying my individuality and my style. However, as I grew into a young lady and ultimately grew into a woman, wife and mother that style would evolve.

Don’t believe that developing your decorating style is permanent. Life experiences will grow and change us and as our experiences change then our design style will change too. The beauty of identifying your design style is that it belongs to you and does not have to fit into a perfect mold and you can change it as you see fit. There are of course some text book defined styles but let them serve as a guideline and not as law.

According to a survey done by Houzz out of 1700 people surveyed only 2 percent were happy with their home decor. What does this mean? You are not alone. A lot of people have no idea how to decorate their home or what their design style is. Finding your decorating style is not as hard as you think so put away your fears and let’s take a look at how we can change this.

Different Home Decorating Styles

There are a lot of different styles to choose from and I will admit I am learning more and more about them and my individual style every day because I am still growing and evolving too. There are no right or wrong ways to define your style and it is possible to combine a few to create a great look that you will be happy with. First let’s explore some more popular home decorating styles to give you a starting point.

Contemporary-Means living or occurring in the moment so this design style is ever-changing. The focus of this style is on line, shape and form. More neutrals like, creams, browns, taupe will lend themselves to this design style with pops of bold color. The furniture will have more emphasis on clean lines and smooth surfaces to create more of an open space.

Minimalist-Defined by a foundation that is simple in nature. Quality over quantity rule in this design style. Open floor concepts that have minimum amount of details and furniture. White rules in this space and is the basis for it’s color palette. The idea of light and airy.

Traditional-When you think of traditional, think of comfort and classic. Everything feels familiar, placed neatly in pairs and centered. Very symmetrical Furniture will display some slight curves. There will be trim and crown moldings hugging the walls. Hardwood floors, separate dining rooms and classic drapery.

Modern-Simple and uncluttered is best to describe this style. Lots of open spaces, flat screen televisions, and clean lines. There is the use of a monochromatic color palette. I talk about monochromatic colors in this article, Choosing The Best Interior Color Schemes Its more about function and less about the fussiness of details. Low horizontal furnishings and more metal and glass are used.

Mid-Century Modern-It basically describes architecture and graphic design from the mid 20th century. The color pallete consists of bold pops of color.

Coastal-Lots of natural sunlight. The natural look and feel of the ocean lends itself to the color palette. The decor invokes a casual feeling and less likely to have carpeting. Floors are usually covered in knotted wool or maybe made of bamboo or some other type of light colored wood.

Industrial-This style has a look of old factories. You can find exposed brick, exposed piping, steel beams and anything displaying building materials.

Rustic-A more natural and organic look. Reclaimed and distressed woods, tarnished metals or more natural shapes and surfaces are not smooth. Rugged looking decor. Clean lines this is not!

What Does Your Life Say?

For any cohesive decor that will not only look good but feel good has to consider the people who will be using that space. How will the space be used? Does it need to be kid friendly? Will it be a place of relaxation? How often do you entertain and will you be using this space to do it? These questions and more need to be answered to have a starting point. One way you can get a good idea of what your space needs is to take pictures of your space. Take pictures from different angles and different places in the room. Answer some of these questions when you are choosing your decor and color palette.

What Does The World Around You Say?

Now that you’ve taken pictures of your inside, now go take pictures of your outside. Go to some of your favorite places and take notice of the decor. If that space gives you the feeling or the look you want to achieve in your own home then go for it. Take notice and replicate. Home decor magazines are a good resource as well. I’ve even seen a suggestion to go to model homes because seeing it in person has a lasting impact.

Make A List.

What are the things that you love? Make a list of all the things that you love in the order from greatest to least. This will give you a focus and because you love them it will in turn create a space that you will love. It is important to note that you can include places you love as well.

Keep It Together.

Sometimes it helps to take a look at everything and create a theme out of it. A theme will cause your decor to have a focus and it will make decorating your space easier. It will produce a more cohesive look. There is nothing worse than a space with a bunch of unrelated things scattered about. If there are more unrelated items then take the few that are related and put them together. Putting like things together in a collection which can create a focal point.

Now Was That So Bad?

Your decorating style is just that. Yours! You could follow one of the defined styles or you can create one all your own. Now that you have an idea of what the different home decorating styles are and I’ve equipped you with a few steps to help you clearly define your style, my hope is that you have the confidence to rock any style you choose and make it all your own. Happy decorating!




22 thoughts on “Finding Your Design Style In 4 Simple Steps

  1. This is a very interesting article. I didn’t know there are different home decorating styles. I learned something new today. The 4 steps are very simple to follow. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Hong,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am glad you found the steps easy to follow and that you’ve learned something. I hope it gives you inspiration. Be sure to check in for my weekly tips. Best wishes

  2. What a great site. I think me personally I would fall in the category of rustic look, more natural look. I love your suggestion to make a list and stick with.
    Thank you for the beautiful site.

    1. Hey Melissa!
      Thank you so much for your comment. I am greatful you like my site and have found this information useful. I myself like the contemporary style. Be sure to check in for my weekly tips. Best wishes

  3. This is a great article! Thank you for helping me to define my design style. It’s definitely minimalist, but I would like to add lots of natural sunlight to it. I’ll make sure to bear in mind these questions when choosing décor and color palette. Thanks!

  4. Thank God for my wife!
    I’m a self avowed minimalist but don’t fit that category because I’m too cheap to buy new stuff most of the time. So I guess I just created my own like you said. I’m a minimalist/cheapskate, haha.
    But I do really appreciate you laying this out because:
    1. Even I need to think this stuff out.
    2. It makes me realize I do have a style. (It’s not that I don’t care.)
    3. It actually brings me clarity. (I’m actually having an “aha” moment.)
    Thanks Blanka.

    1. Hey Chris!

      I am so glad you were able to find this article useful. Yes everyone has a style you just have to tap into it. You are what I like to call “smart money” and not a “cheapskate.” I too am “smart money” and do extreme couponing also. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips.
      Best wishes

  5. I love the part that your helping your daughter with her pretend YouTube videos so cute. I have never had an eye for design and I always was inspired by the more traditional look. I like the vintage deep purples and burgundies with golds. My husband likes the more contemporary style, but I have a room to myself with a cream chesterfield bed frame. So that’s like my playroom jaja :). I want to add more style to it and I am glad that you were able to give me a perspective on how to do that. 🙂 Great article.

    1. Hi Viviana,
      Thank you for your comment. I actually like when she plays on my hair. It’s relaxing and brings back memories of me playing in my mom’s hair. I have always had more of a contemporary style too but I’m starting to fall in love with the farmhouse rustic style. Probably because Chip and Joanne is one of my favorite shows. I’m really excited that you found this article useful. Do not hesitate to check in for my weekly decorating updates.
      Best wishes

  6. You are a busy woman! Being a mom with a 9-5 is hard enough – blogging too? You are a go-getter!

    I think I’m a traditional-minimalist. I like hardwood floors, open floor plans, light walls with dark woods, darker colors are sometimes okay with lighter woods. I love fresh flowers and family paintings/artwork on the walls. I have a lot of talented artists in my family.

    1. Hi Heather,

      Thank you for your comment. That is a blessing to have so much creativity in your family. Did you know that the minimalist design style came post World War II? It’s not as new as people think it is. I am glad that you found this article useful. Keep smiling and keep decorating. Best wishes!

  7. Wow, I didn’t realize there were that many different types of décor styles. Thank you, that was very informative! Out of curiousity, do you have your own personal favourite?

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Hi Calista,
      Thank you for your comment! I am glad you found this article useful. Yes, there are a lot of different styles out there because they were born from someone’s creativity so there is a possibility that many more exist. My favorite has always been contemporary but I am starting to lean more towards Rustic Farm House. I didn’t list it but it has been really creeping into my life little by little. Be sure to check back for my weekly decorating tips and best wishes

  8. Once again another great article. Im more of the rustic type I love furniture with old woods. You have a great since of decor. Cant wait for the next post.

    1. Hey Jackie!
      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your love of the rustic type. I am slowly moving towards the rustic farmhouse that I have been seeing lately. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Have a great day!

  9. Ok, after reading this, I think I am a mix of a few things (minimalist, traditional and industrial. I don’t think my place is that stylish but it’s super cozy and has all of the things I need. I did not know so much about the different styles and it is useful knowledge. Thanks, Davona!

    1. Hi Jess,
      The thing about it is those 3 styles have similar elements so it would make sense that you could be all 3. Thank you for your comment. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes

  10. Great, Davonna!

    I congratulate you for the beautiful and very informative website you settled. It is rightly distributed and contemporary.
    Keep up with this excellent work! You rock!

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