Different Home Decorating Styles-Create A Space You Love



Different Home Decorating Styles

Does your spouse or significant other have a different home decorating style than you?

Do you find it hard to decorate with a design the both of you will love? Maybe you’re just moving in together and need to figure out what to keep, what to get rid of without offending each other or don’t have a lot of money and need to make whatever you have work. I’ve heard the horror stories of him not wanting to let go of that dreadful futon from his college dorm days. You know the one. The one that’s been vomited on after the parties, the one that smells like funky corn chips from all the sweaty socks. Yeah that one! Some still have the corn chip crumbs in them.

How do you bridge the gap between finding your own design style that will compliment and create cohesiveness? How do you make it all work? The end result should have considerations for both you and your spouse. I am not going to lie to you, it will take some planning, some thinking and some compromising but in the end you will be left with a design you both can live with and enjoy.

Keep It Simple

The idea is to keep it simple. My day job as a Business Analyst is all about streamlining and simplifying the process. How can we work smarter and not harder? When we are living single we tend to fill the space with what we have. We have homes filled with our belongings and we must shed ourselves of these things first. You must first separate the things that you love, from the things that you like and the things that you could do without.

Yes that funky corn chip couch has got to go! If it is something that you love and can’t part with, then this is where the compromise comes in. Get rid of about 10-20 percent and have a yard sale to make a little extra money if you should decide to buy a few new decorating pieces to fit your new combined decor style.

Simple Interior Paint Color Palettes


Choose a color or two for your space. Too many colors will just add more confusion and will not unify the space. You can bring in the masculinity with color. Choose one color and use different shades of that color through the space. Keep the color scheme in the same color family. The 80/20 rule is a good place to start. Use one color for 80 percent of the space and the other 20 percent will be in the accessories. This is a good way to keep your focus in the proper perspective and create a good guideline to blending your belongings.

You can also do 80 percent of a neutral color and do the other 20 percent in pops of color or a bolder color palette. The better way to do this would be to apply the neutrals to the walls and the furnishings. You can use slip covers if the current color of the sofas don’t match the color palette that you and your spouse have agreed upon.

The 20 percent would include colorful throws or accent pillows. I love accent pillows because they can be easily interchanged when you want to switch up the color scheme. Beautiful table linens and centerpieces can also be used to spice up those neutrals. Your 20 percent doesn’t have to be expensive either. The hunt for accessories can be an inexpensive adventure. Shopping at estate sales, flea markets and even the dollar store have proven to be good resources.

Find Balance

A way to bring a look together is to bring balance to the room. Find the balance by equally distributing the visual weight. Visual weight is a measure of the force that an element exerts to attract the eye. For instance, Textured furnishings can have a heavier visual appearance than non-textured furnishings. Group different but like items together to create a collection. In the example below, all the picture frames are the same size and shape, even the squares in the middle displaying the pictures are the same size and shape, however each picture is different.


You can create balance in pairing things together. Each item should have a companion. You can pair things by color, shape, texture and fabric. The list goes on. The items do not have to be placed together to accomplish the visual weight. If you have a blue chair then use a throw of the same blue hue. You have a wooden side table so use a wooden tray for the table centerpiece. If you notice, the pillow and the eye chart have the same color hue and the 3 picture frames at the top are the same size and shape. No matter what items you choose to pair together remember to distribute visual weight evenly.


What Mood Are You In

Determine what type of atmosphere you want to initiate in your space and make sure to include items that match the mood you want to create. If you want to create a calm in the space, you will choose furnishings, colors and accessories that will produce that mood. For instance, you would choose patterns and prints that have a soft color. Nothing too bold. Neutrals work well in this space too. You can incorporate flowers into the design. Place furniture with subtle curves to compliment the straight lines of the floors and walls.

The Heart Of The Room


Choose a focal point that you both enjoy and decorate everything else around it. A focal point is a point of attraction and draws your eye in. It could be a piece of furniture, a vase, artwork or even a color but it’s something that you both should have a fondness for. A lot of rooms are decorated using a fireplace as a focal point. The placement of the furniture is important in creating a focus. Once you decide on a focal point then arrange your furniture around it or beside it depending on what the focal point is. This also works well if you want to decorate with a theme in mind.

Decorating with a theme can be exciting and a good way to bring a focus to the space. You’ve traveled and you and your spouse may have collected pieces that have cultural influences. Using them to bring a similar theme to the room is a great way to hone in on a focal point. Take pictures of places you’ve been or use pictures of places you would like to go and use that to create your theme.

Choose Your Decorating Style

You and your spouse may have two totally different interior decorating styles but if you plan, communicate and follow these tips you will have designed something that is really beautiful, unique and all your own. So choose wisely and happy decorating!




32 thoughts on “Different Home Decorating Styles-Create A Space You Love

  1. You had to mention the futon, didn’t you 😉
    This was a well-written piece. I move furniture for a living and I am always game for learning more about interior design. Mainly to help customers place furniture on a very stressful day. Especially for the ones that want the dresser, highboy, and bed to go on the same wall.

    1. Hi Santo,
      Yes! We cannot forget about the futon. Thank you for your comment. I am happy you found this article useful. Be sure to check back for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes!

    1. Hi travel and treatz!,
      Glad to see you enjoying another one of my articles! You have a very good system for keeping dust and clutter free. I may have to try that one. You can get even more tips on how to keep the dust and clutter away by checking out my previous articles. “Are You Spring Ready? Quick And Easy House Cleaning Tips” and “Clearing The Clutter-14 Easy Tips To Organize Your Home” Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes

  2. I am really glad I came across this article.
    My husband and I bought our new home last year and we are starting to finally paint now. No more white walls. Yay! Our living room, dinning room and kitchen are all open floor plan. We want to use different colors to try and make them feel like different rooms.
    Luckily he and I have about the same taste, but I would appreciate your advice. He wants to use at least three different colors and paint the trim a dark color. What do you think?
    I love the accent idea. I have seen DIY projects to make throw pillows for our sectionals and am thinking about doing that once we have the rooms painted.
    Thank you for your article. It has been very useful.

    1. Hi Lee Ann,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found this article useful. Using 3 colors is definitely achievable. Using the same color in different shades is a much easier way to achieve a beautiful look without looking crazy. Painting the trim dark depends on the color palette you choose. A great way to divide the space in your open concept and to define each space is to add an accent wall. Check out my article http://topinteriormotive.com/choosing-the-best-interior-color-schemes to help with that. TIP!! I learned when you are paint shopping, ask about the “Mistints” first, you could possibly find the color you are looking for for a deep discounted price. I’ve gotten a gallon and a pint of paint from Sherwin Williams for $2. It was originally $50/gallon. I hope this helps. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes!

  3. I really enjoyed your article. I am absolutely terrible at decorating and knowing how to place a room. I call my daughter and she, being a photographer, whips it into shape in no time. I especially liked the picture arrangement on the wall with them all the same size. See, I would have never thought of that. I liked the soft colors and the warm sensations you get when you enter a well thought out decorated room. It puts you instantly at ease and that is what I strive for in my home.
    Great piece, well written and full of useful information. Thank you.

    1. Hello Deborah!
      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you found this article useful. I too am a fan if the picture arrangement. I actually did this before in my own home using fabric as the picture between the frames. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes@

  4. These are great tips! I love pops of color. I could never understand how people get those perfect picture arrangements on the wall and match them with pops of color in a room, so this helped a lot!

    1. Hi Chelsea,
      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad you found this article useful. I love pops of color, they allow me to play with color without committing to one and it’s a good way to add personality to a room. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes!

  5. Hi Davona,
    These are great tips. The artist in me helps with the color matching and I’m fortunate to have a husband who really doesn’t mind what I do. After 35 years, he used to my changes, haha. I remember the only thing he wanted to keep when we were first married was his mounted deer antlers. Gee, I wonder where they are now..wink wink.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      You are very fortunate. My husband is the same way. He let’s me choose and helps me achieve it. I am sure the deer doesn’t mind and I wont say anything if you wont. Thank you for your comment and be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Have a great day!

  6. Hi Davona great article. I love decorating my house and my husband does have completely different taste than myself but I have learned to make it work . You gave some great suggestions that I will be putting into practice next time I change things up.

  7. It’s so important for rooms to have focal points, I agree with you. Without that, we can’t have flow and stuff just doesn’t seem to come together in a coherent theme. Thanks for the great design tips!

    1. Hi Penelope,

      Thank you for your comment. You are right a focus and a plan is the answer to any home decorating project. Be sure to check in for mu weekly decorating tips. Best wishes

  8. First of all, I love your site. Secondly, I love this post. My boyfriend and I don’t really have a different style of interior design because he always tells me to go ahead and decorate (yay!) but he does try to recommend throwing marvel pieces in different spots where they don’t go. I love Marvel but I don’t want every room to feel like an action movie.

    1. Hi Kiala,
      My husband is the same way. He just lets me do whatever I like! You could possibly dedicate a space for your boyfriend’s marvel pieces that would allow for him to showcase and not take over the whole space. I am glad to hear that you like the site and the article. Thank you so much for your comment. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes!

  9. Thanks for sharing this informative post about decorating. My husband and I agree on style,m thank goodness. Our issue is we downsized too early and now need to upsize again, LOLOLOL.
    I dream of the days of an en suite again, as well as a bedroom large enough to fit a reading lounger.

    Hopefully again soon!

    1. Hi Robyne,
      It is a nice thing when your husband agrees with your taste. My husband is quite the same. He just tells me to go for it and lets me do what my heart desires. Good luck on your search for your perfect home and thank you for your comment. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips.

  10. I’m so happy I found this article. I have been single for quite a while and have a very distinct style. Your suggestions to merge styles and make them work and invaluable.

    1. Hi Jada,
      I am so glad you found this article useful. I love the fact that you know your style because it is a unique and beautiful expression of you. Thank you for your comment and be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Blessings to you.

  11. This was so helpful! I’m such a visual person, and the pictures you showed really helped me visualize how to use the weight of an item and grouping things together. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I’m starting to decorate my new home.

    1. Hey Melissa,

      I am glad you found this article useful. I am also a very visual person. It is always a good practice to take pictures whenever you see something you would like to do in your own home. Congratulations on your new home. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes.

  12. I’ve never had to work with someone else’s style, but I have to admit I imagine it would be difficult! These are good tips for making it work!

  13. It’s funny because we just moved to LA from Albuquerque and downsized tremendously. We sold everything we owned to make a lighter move and knowing we could easily refurnish our place once we got here (my husband and I partake in sustainable living, buying all of our furniture from craigslist and estate sales – minus the mattress and other personal things). I didn’t know it, but I styled our place with these tips that you listed in mind. I worked off our white studio walls and mock cedar wood floors and built up with earthy tones. I definitely got a few new tips from this piece. Thanks, Davona!

    1. Hey Jess!
      Thank you for your comment. You have decor sense and didn’t even know it. It sounds like you’ve done a great job styling your place. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best of luck on your new adventure!

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