Decorating For Small Living Spaces-6 Easy Ways to Maximize

Decorating For Small Living Spaces

Do you need some ideas on decorating for small living spaces? Continue reading for some clever tips and tricks. A small space can be uncomfortable and downright uninviting. It can lead to poor perception of that space and ultimately affect an individual’s experience in the home.

Creating a space that is comfortable and stylish can be a difficult task. Especially if it’s a small space. Small spaces can easily get cluttered and cramped turning what is supposed to be your peaceful abode into a clamorous crash pad. I cannot tell you how many irritating moments I’ve experienced just looking at my small space. Luckily you don’t have to go through any of that because I’ve found 6 easy decorating ideas to maximize your small space.


  • Add Height
  • Mirrors
  • Scale Back
  • Multi-functional is Key
  • Utilize Wall Space
  • Add Some Color


Add Height

Walking into your space can oftentimes feel like the walls are closing in on you and it’s easy to get cramped when your ceilings are low. Most likely you can’t build out or just start knocking down walls to create more room or a bigger space. So the next best thing is to add height to your room or the illusion of height.

Adding height to a room can be as easy as proper placement of the curtains. How you hang your dynamic drapery can make a big difference in your small space. Hanging your curtains well above the window will draw your eyes up to add length to a room, create the illusion of higher ceilings and will be sure to make you feel at ease when you walk into the room. In choosing your curtains be sure to select a light fabric that will allow more light in the room. Heavy fabrics can swallow up the natural light and do the exact opposite of achieving the look of a bigger space.



Mirrors are commonly used to check your make-up, that perfect dress or even to put on a sharp looking tie. Mirrors can also be essential to adding depth to make your room feel larger. Placing mirrors near a window will bring the outside light in and more natural light brings about a better mood and begins to warm up the place.

Using mirrors as a focal point, like above your fireplace will also add depth and character to a space. If your room already has depth but it is narrow, you can mirror an entire wall and it will begin to widen that narrow space up. This is also a great trick for the closets too. Adding mirror to closet doors will bounce the natural light off of them and give the sense of more space.

Scale Back

Oh how we love our big bulky sofas and our recliners. Their purpose is to comfort us after a long day in the office, running errands or spending all day cleaning. Even though they feel good to rest on they are too much for a small space so get rid of the bulk. Be sure to select the right furniture for your space, purchase sofas and chairs that have open arms and expose the legs. Light will be able to get underneath the furniture and create a lighter and airier room.

Maybe you do not want to buy anything new but you can always utilize what you have. If you have larger pieces, place them against the wall to open up the space. Make sure your furniture fits the size of the room because if it doesn’t you may have to scale down some furniture to maximize your space. Do not place furniture in front of walkways or open doorways as this will make the room feel more cramped.

Multi-functional is Key


A great way to maximize your small space is to use furniture that add character and function. Using multipurpose or multi functional furniture can be stylish and remove the clutter. Beds and/or benches like this beautiful piece courtesy of Modtique Boutique that have drawers underneath can be used as storage.


Choosing a dining table that has a folding leaf or an expandable piece can also be great for space-saving and multi functional purposes. Using an ottoman with storage can provide additional seating as well as remove any unwanted clutter your small space may be experiencing.

Utilize Wall Space


My go to had always been to use tall shelves to display my pictures. Over the years I have found that tall shelves and cabinets give the impression that the ceiling is lower than it really is. So to display your beautiful photos or art work use floating shelves instead. These can be purchased anywhere and are a lot less expensive than traditional tall shelves and cabinets. They also add a stylish flare to your room while bringing your eye up and saving space.

Lamps can make a room feel soft, warm and inviting. They really add to the experience of the room so don’t forget about the lamps. But if your space is too small for side tables consider using lamps with swing arms that can be mounted on the walls. This will add the needed ambiance and also be essential to saving space.

It is also a really good idea to mount your television on the walls instead of using big bulky entertainment centers. Entertainment centers can take up a huge amount of space and are practically a no-no in a small room. Again, it is about drawing the eyes up that will create the illusion of a larger space so choose wisely.

Add Some Color

decorating-for-small-living-spacesWhen you are decorating your small space it is wise to choose a wall color that matches your furniture. This will also cause your space to open up but may be a bit boring. So bring in pops of color to your room to give your space some personality. Using pillows and throws can be a great way to colorize your space. Taking advantage of some of those floating shelves to display some colorful pieces can be a creative way to use color to brighten the space.

Make Your Space Your Own

So you can add color, scale down or put up those curtains but whichever you decide to do always create a space that is your very own. Whether it is a small bedroom, bathroom or living room these 6 decorating ideas are sure to help you make your small space feel larger and improve the experience you have in your home. Happy Decorating!






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  1. Dear V, I love in a one-bedroom apartment. Although my apartment in new, I need to be able to maximize my space for comfort, storage, and my large plants😀. I love your ideas. I will be following you weekly.

    1. Hi Marette, I’m really happy to hear that you like the ideas. Plants are a very good way to decorate and they can provide those pops of color I spoke about in the article. Maybe you can incorporate some colorful plant life into your design as well. Thanks for visiting VDesign.

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  3. Very interesting article.
    I kinda knew that using mirror can make small rooms appear large and I figured out for myself a couple years back that it is best to use furniture that is smaller so the room would not be cluttered but your article opened my eyes to some interesting concepts.

    It was well written and thought provoking. I will certainly used some of your suggestions.

  4. It’s a wonderful and informative article. This article helps a lot in decorating house or room. Well I’m planning to buy a house this year and having trouble in decorating the house. I had no idea that this 6 tips of your post is brilliant and helps a lot. I will your post in my book to keep myself updated. Keep it up.


  5. Nice article, very rich and useful. Personally i enjoy lots of space in my room, and would adopt your recommendation for a better outlook. Thanks for the tip.

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