Clearing The Clutter-15 Easy Tips To Organize A House



How To Organize A House

Show me your clutter and I will show you how to organize a house. Having a clean and well organized home is key to any interior design. Sometimes you don’t need new paint, or new drapery but all you need is to get organized. Some days my family and I are running from one activity to the next and haven’t had the time nor the energy to straighten up before we leave.

We don’t even notice until we get back home that we’ve left shoes, toys, and various other items strewn about. On those rare occasions when we get to slow down for an extended period of time to notice, it usually ignites a fire in me that will have me in a frenzy until it gets back to the peaceful home that I once remembered. Getting organized and staying organized is key to a well-balanced home. Let’s look at a few ways to get organized.


Diy Kitchen Organization Ideas

In my home our kitchen seems to be the catch-all for the important and the unimportant papers. As mentioned in my previous article, Are You Spring Ready? it is necessary to put a filing system in place to keep the mail organized. But mail is not the only culprit in your culinary quarters to get out of control. Check out a few of my best kitchen organizational ideas.

  1. Countertops-All counter tops should be kept clean and clear at all times. Only keep the items you often use on top. This way you can be sure to keep your space looking neat and clean.
  2. Tupperware-Use big plastic containers to store the plastic bowls and such. I bought a Tupperware set that had various size bowls and containers. It all came in this huge Tupperware container so I re purposed it to use as storage for the rest of the bowls to keep them out of sight.
  3. Pegboard-If you are low on cabinet and storage space like I am then a pegboard is a must have. You can keep all your measuring cups and spoons, spatulas and more well organized with a pegboard.
  4. Towel Bar-You can use a towel bar or even a tension rod to place in the bottom cabinets to hang all your spray bottles. This will free up space in your cabinets allowing for more storage possibilities.
  5. Egg Cartons– Yes, I said egg cartons. This is because they are designed with separators. These are not just good for keeping your eggs safe but they can be used for that pesky junk drawer. Utilize the separators to keep all those loose odds and ends from cluttering up the drawers.


Our bathroom is small and compact so organization is a must. Check out a few of my favorite things I use to keep me organized.

6. Tupperware-Yes! Tupperware again can be used not only in the kitchen but for the bathroom as well. They come in handy when you are looking for ways to organize makeup, makeup brushes or even hair brushes. Just remember to dedicate it to a particular item or you will end up with just another junk drawer or in this case a junk container.

7. Shower Caddies– Caddies of any kind are great for storage and organization. It gives a place for your bathroom items which keeps this space looking nice and tidy. You can also use a caddy for curling irons, straighten combs or even blow dryers. They hang on the inside of your cabinet door to keep them out of sight.


8. Towels– Another space saver trick is to roll your towels instead of folding them. This is a great way to keep everything looking neat. I roll my towels and stack them on top of each other which allows for more to fit inside of my bathroom cabinet.

9. Racks-To keep your hand towels and robes organized you can use a back of the door towel tack. These hang from the door and really keep your comfort station from looking like an outhouse.

10. Cabinets-Clear out the cabinets. Go through your cabinets and throw away anything that you no longer have a need for or that you haven’t used in a while. Also, use containers with handles and place below the sink items in the baskets. It is best to categorize them for easy access. For instance, all the cleaning supplies in one basket so that when you go to clean, you have all your cleaning supplies in one place.


11. Comforter Bag– It is a good idea to use the plastic bag that the comforter comes in as storage. I have a rotation for my comforters so when I’m not using a set I store them in these bags. I also use them to store sweaters and seasonal garments.

12. Purge-Get rid of anything you have not used or worn in a year. Trust me if you haven’t worn it this year than you are not going to wear it next year. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of one piece of clothing for every piece of new clothing that is bought. It keeps closets from being overstuffed.



13. Closet Organizer-Invest in a closet organizer. My house was built in the early 1900s which means the closet space is very limited and in some cases non-existent. I’ve employed closet organizers that have worked wonders in keeping our things neat and organized.

14. Shoe Racks- Shoe racks are a very good resource for keeping your floor space free and clear. It also extends the life of your shoes.

15.Bed– Make your bed. Enough said. We got a brand new bed a few months ago and we happily made it everday because it was new and we hadn’t had a new bed in years. As time went on and our need to get out to whatever activity on time became more important we stopped making the bed. After taking inventory I realized how much a messy bed adds to the clutter of the room. It is an awesome thing to come home after a long day to a neat and tidy bedroom with a well made bed.


Clearing The Clutter

Organization is no easy or small task. It is a skill that some have naturally and others develop over time. With some smart planning and patience it is essential in controlling the chaos. Don’t be intimidated and let your creative side take over and get rid of the clutter. If you like these ideas or have any suggestions, we would like to hear from you. Please comment below. Happy Decorating!





22 thoughts on “Clearing The Clutter-15 Easy Tips To Organize A House

  1. Organization may not always be an easy task but as you stated: “it is a must”. Clutter can cause stress, lack of sleep, and frustration. One of my favorite tips is the rolling the towels. I have learned that rolling instead of folding can save you space in a lot of areas. I use Tupperware in a lot of places from the kitchen to the bedrooms, they are lifesavers. I like the Tupperware organizers they come in handy. Thanks for the great tips, I am sure many of us can use them.

    1. Hi Melissa!
      I appreciate your feedback. I really enjoyed creating this article because organization is something that is a must like you said but many people I’ve talked to struggle in this area. Thank you and be sure to check in for weekly decorating/homecare tips

  2. Hi,
    Trying to keep my home clutter free is a job on its own what with two big Teens and tons of friends I always end up with their clutter every where.
    So keeping all my stuff in the right place and clutter free is a must.
    I hate it too.
    If a cupboard is jammed with stuff. you can guarantee the kids always want something right at the bottom.
    That means then the whole lot comes out.
    Some great tips you have given me there thank you for sharing.
    Looking forward to more tips.
    Regards Deborah

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad I was able to give some inspiration. Clutter is a problem for many. Especially when you have multiple kids in the home. I’ve had 5-6 kids in the home all at once so I know how rough it can get. Keep checking in every week for my weekly decorating tips. Thanks and best wishes!

  3. I like the idea of making the bed.. I never thought about it like that before.. my bed is ALWAYS unmade except when i change the sheets. i’ll try to change that and see if it has a ripple effect.
    great post!

    1. Hey! I am glad you found some value in this article. Yes, once you start making the bed you won’t want to leave it undone anymore. It really helps your mental peace when you come in from a long day and it will motivate you to keep the rest of the room tidy. Be sure to check in for my weekly tips. Thanks again

  4. I love the idea of hanging spray bottles on a towel bar in the cupboard! This will save me so much shelf space! šŸ™‚

  5. Davona,
    I make the bed the first thing in the morning, it sets off the day. I need more help in my closet though. I have to purge some of my hanging clothes. I also keep all of my off season bed things in my closet, need to store elsewhere in the house.
    This spring will be closet cleaning time. I do have an organizer and a dresser in my closet. Just need to use space a little more wisely.
    Counters are always clean in the kitchen, it is the cupboards that are in trouble. We have a lot of cook ware, not a lot of storage. I am putting in more cabinets this year, I hope this helps with storage.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment. Maybe you could try getting some kitchen storage racks to help keep your cookware organized. I believe Target or even Walmart may just have what you are looking for. I hope that helps. Be sure to check back every week for my home decorating tips. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Davona,

    Lovely article on clutter. I was actually thinking of tidying my wardrobe and discarding unused items just yesterday!

    The countertop in my kitchen has my blender, ioniser, distiller and food processor out as I use them almost every day round the year. I keep them in their places though and always keep them clean after use. The plates and cups have their cupboard and so does the food except for fruit left on the counter to ripen.

    I really like your niche – it is different and thought-provoking…Keep it up!

    1. Hey Stella,

      Nice to meet you and thank you for your comment! It is alright to keep a couple of things that you use everyday on the counter. The important thing is that you keep them clean which keeps those counter looking neat and tidy. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes!

  7. Thanks SO much for the great organizational tips, Davona! My biggest challenge (after organizing my kitchen) will be to get several boxes of paperwork filed. Guess this highlights my need for a personal assistant!

    1. Hey Rae!
      I am glad you found this article useful! One good option for paperwork is to use a filing system. Get an accordian file for the more important things. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Blessings to you

  8. This spoke to my heart!!! Hahaha. I do my best to stay organized but sometimes with activities and such, things get out of control. You have some cool tips that I never would have considered. (Helloooo, egg cartons!!!!!) Iā€™m definitely sharing this!

    1. Hi Erika!

      Yes everyday life can get in the way of staying organized. I struggle with it myself having a full time job but hopefully my tips will make it easier. Let me know how the egg carton tip works for you. Thanks for your comment! Best wishes!

  9. Oh the organization and thought that went into this post. I love it. I’m going to have to save this to come back to when I finally decide to start my deep cleaning of my house. I’m excited to read more of your posts from your blog!


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your comment and compliment! I’m happy to see that you found some inspiration with this article. Check out my cleaning article also. I have attached a cleaning schedule to download at the end of that article. Give it a try when you are ready to start you deep cleaning. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes Elizabeth!

  10. These really are some great tips. I also like a clean and neat home. That’s a lot easier said than done. These ideas are so perfect though. I love the idea of the rod under the kitchen sink for the bottles to hang on. I will probably add that this weekend. Thanks again for the really cool ideas.

    1. Hi Wendi,
      I am happy to see you found this article useful. If you have children like I do, it is almost impossible to have a neat and clean home. But we try. These tips are the ones that are tried and true for me. Clutter is something that disrupts my thinking so I must use a system to keeping my house clean. Also please check out my article are you spring ready. It gives cleaning tips and you can download my cleaning schedule at the end of the article. I hope this helps and thank you for your comment. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes

  11. Oh geez… that reminds me: making the bed! Yes I really need to stop being lazy at making the bed. You’re so right when you say a messy bed really adds to the clutter of the room!
    And pegboards! I’m going to buy one this weekend! That will help me clear up some space in the kitchen.
    Thank you for all the great tips! Awesome article!

    1. Hey Joo,
      I am so glad that you found this article useful. Yes, keeping the bed made makes a huge difference in the appearance of the room. Having a cluttered house adds to the stresses of life. A lot of people have trouble getting organized and de-cluttering so I felt it was important to write this article. So it makes my heart happy to know that I was able to help you. Thank you for your comment and be sure to check back in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes!

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