4 Brilliant Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Do you have bathroom decor ideas on your mind? Take a look at your bathroom. Do you like what you see? Are you satisfied with the look or style of it? Do you need to give a disclaimer to your guests before they can use it? If you’ve answered yes, then keep reading for some really awesome ideas to help you transform your weary washroom into a fabulous comfort station.

Our bathrooms should not just be a place to wash or relieve ourselves but it should be an extension to the rest of your home so do not neglect them. Inspiration is everywhere. You can turn to magazines, take pictures of items you like while at a home decor store or even visit your local library to find some inspiration. Whether your bathroom is large or small you will not be happy with it if you cannot incorporate some of your personality into it.

Sometimes your bathroom doesn’t need renovation but instead just needs some sprucing up. Bring that bathroom back into compliance with just a few easy updates. You can change the look and the mood with a little innovation and some elbow grease. Try adding some new lighting. Replace the outdated “Broadway” or what I like to call “Hollywood” lights with some LED lighting for energy efficient solutions.

If your bathroom walls are bare this is a good time to add some flavor. There are plenty of canvas wall art that are water resistant and will last through those hot showers. Creating a story with a gallery wall is the perfect way to add some appeal.

Small Decor Bathroom Ideas

Decorating and updating your home is an exciting thing. When you get to select colors and patterns that you like. However, it is equally important to incorporate some function into your space as well. When your bathroom is small or apartment size, then you know all too well how important function and storage is.

A good way to redecorate while adding some function is to install a sink cabinet with storage. A cute idea is to use an old dresser and re purpose it by taking out part of the counter and adding a sink bowl to it. The dresser drawers will provide additional storage and increase function. This is an awesome option for towels and even hair products in bathrooms that lack space. Floating Shelves, wall mounted towel bars and cabinetry with pull out drawers are just a few other ways to maximize your small space.

Do not clutter the space with a lot of different patterns and crazy seashell wall paper. Keep it simple so you don’t overwhelm your visitors. Too many things going on in one space doesn’t allow for your eyes to land safely. Pick a neutral or soft color pallet and if you must add a pattern then do it with tile flooring. This will give your eyes a place to land while complementing and injecting some flair into your bathroom.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

By definition, Shabby Chic is a style of interior decoration that uses furnishings that appear slightly worn. Furniture that has a pleasingly old appearance, distressed materials, mismatched furniture and patterns lend themselves to this style of decor. Vintage has its place here and you can find some of these from your local yard and estate sales. Because of the mismatched items and patterns, it is important to stick with a neutral background. The walls and floors should be muted to compliment everything else.

This style has fewer rules and more of what you like in one space but it is very easy to create a roomful of clutter. Check out Different Home Decorating Styles to see how to create a cohesive look with different tastes and patterns. To keep the space light and airy you can add in some natural woods and some plant life. You can use an old side table to place your flowers or small plants. The rules for mixing metals do not apply to shabby chic so you can use some gold and silver accents, a silver Venetian style crystal chandelier is fabulous in this space. You can even string some pearls over the mirror if you’re feeling a little more dramatic.


Apply ruffle curtains to your window treatments and fabric for your shower curtains. Dress up your floating shelves with old clocks and little woven baskets to store some of your smaller bathroom items. Claw foot tubs are a timeless and classic look and impart a vintage feel to a space so if your budget affords it then surely go for it. Vintage signs are really popular as well.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary. This is the place I anticipate coming back to all day. For that reason it should be dripping with comfort and tranquility. Your master bathroom is an extension or expression of that tranquility. The elements and atmosphere that you have developed in your master bedroom should carry over to your master bathroom, truly creating an en suite. Similar color schemes, textures, patterns and design style that are used in the bedroom should also be used in your master bathroom. Visual weight is important in this design to allow the two rooms to come together so you can use the same accent color used in the bedroom and apply it to the walls. But if that is too much then you can just apply it to the curtains.

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Powder rooms and half bathrooms are usually purposed for your guests. You want them to feel invited and comfortable using it. As a result, it should only contain some similar elements used around your home to make it nice and comfy. There is nothing more uncomfortable for me as a guest than to use a cold, uninviting, no decorations, just a sink and a toilet half bathroom. Personality is very important to incorporate into this space. Do not forget that it is a small space so too much personality or too many elements can just make it feel cluttered.

Pedestal sinks are a powder room favorite. It looks nice and is functional without taking up too much space. Adorn the walls with the classic look of a chair rail, wainscoting or traditional wallpaper print to add a formal look. Make sure to include some fresheners or plugins. We certainly do not want to offend our guests who are hanging out in the very next room.

Take Action

Take a good look at your bathroom and first decide if it is in need of some updating. Once you’ve decided that it does, then follow these 4 bathroom decor ideas and give one or some of them a try. Let me know in the comments how it went. Thank you again for allowing me to help you decorate your home one room at a time. Happy Decorating!





12 thoughts on “4 Brilliant Bathroom Decor Ideas

  1. Your tips are always right on point! Right as I was thinking to myself how small my bathroom is, Boom! You touch on that. You’ve inspired me to actually do something with that space. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous! Xoxo -E-

    1. Hi Erika,

      I have a small bathroom too so I gotta make use of that space as much as I can and still want it to look nice. I am super happy that your found some inspiration with this article. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips and for more small space inspiration check out my first article.Decorating For Small Living Spaces Best wishes!

  2. Very well written and very helpful. As someone who does not have as much of the natural gift for interior design, this was very helpful for me. This helped give me a vision for my own place.

  3. Great suggestions and very timely as I am redoing my main bathroom! Getting rid of some old-fashioned flowered wallpaper and painting the walls a light coffee color. I want to add some teal accents but I see what you mean about making things too complicated. I was actually looking at some shabby chic collections which I found at Target, and love your suggestion of combining old wood items and repurposing others. Thanks for some great ideas!

    1. Hi Amy,

      I actually love the light coffee color with teal accents! You don’t have to do a lot, just some pieces here and there. Whatever suits you. But if you accessorize with teal, use pillows and throws so that you can easily change them out if you don’t like them. Be sure to check in for my weekly decorating tips. Best wishes

  4. I’ve been thinking about ways to decorate my master bathroom and powder room. But somehow all I could think of were decor items things to place on the sink or shelves. I left the walls out! What a huge difference wall art would make! Thank you for opening my eyes!

    1. Hi Yemi,
      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad you found this article useful. Decorating your walls will make a big difference. Stop back to let me know how it turns out. Best wishes

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