Month: February 2018

Clearing The Clutter-15 Easy Tips To Organize A House



How To Organize A House

Show me your clutter and I will show you how to organize a house. Having a clean and well organized home is key to any interior design. Sometimes you don’t need new paint, or new drapery but all you need is to get organized. Some days my family and I are running from one activity to the next and haven’t had the time nor the energy to straighten up before we leave.

We don’t even notice until we get back home that we’ve left shoes, toys, and various other items strewn about. On those rare occasions when we get to slow down for an extended period of time to notice, it usually ignites a fire in me that will have me in a frenzy until it gets back to the peaceful home that I once remembered. Getting organized and staying organized is key to a well-balanced home. Let’s look at a few ways to get organized.

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Are you Spring Ready?-Quick And Easy House Cleaning Tips


Right now we are in winter and depending on where you live, you are in the middle of winter storm after winter storm. Winter can be a time of relaxation, slowing down and just catching your breath for a moment. I especially love the cold snowy days that allow me to curl up on my comfy sofa with a delicious bowl of chili. There aren’t any meetings to conduct, no deadlines to meet and no errands to run. This time of year has less sunlight and if you are anything like me eventually all the dark and cold days can bring on the winter blues.

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How To Choose The Best Interior Color Schemes


Best Interior Color Schemes

Don’t know how to pick out the best interior color schemes? I encourage you to continue reading for some great tips that will help you pick out a color scheme you can live with. Designing a look for your space is so much fun and allows you to really show your personality. Furniture choices and decor speak volumes about your individuality. You can create a space for entertaining, relaxation or even study with just a few touches of you.


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