Month: January 2018

Decorating For Small Living Spaces-6 Easy Ways to Maximize

Decorating For Small Living Spaces-6 Easy Ways to Maximize

Decorating For Small Living Spaces

Do you need some ideas on decorating for small living spaces? Continue reading for some clever tips and tricks. A small space can be uncomfortable and downright uninviting. It can lead to poor perception of that space and ultimately affect an individual’s experience in the home.

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About Davona

Hi Everyone! Welcome to V-Design where you can explore the world of home decor and will hopefully bring out the interior designer in you.

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Growing up I had plenty of family members who were interior designers without even knowing it. One aunt in particular always decorated her homes with such class and style. It would always amaze me how she could take a blank canvas and create such an inviting and warm space without it feeling too stuffy. Today I still admire her style and try hard to emulate it when decorating my very own spaces.

Hi, my name is Davona and I am a wife and a mother of 6 and I’ve always worked outside the home. So creating a space that I want to come home to, and get away from the busy and sometimes chaotic world outside has always been my goal. I love spaces that are not only warm and inviting but also smell good. I mean I am a bit obsessed with the light glow of candles and the smells that bring peace and comfort to my day.


Do You Need Help Or Nah?

I want everyone to know that decorating your home is easy and fun. It’s a good way to get the whole family involved in making your space feel like home. I recently had a leaky roof which caused a lot of damage inside. The room that my daughters share which had the worst damage caused their ceiling to fall in. I was devastated and didn’t have a lot of money. But I did have family and two weeks. We got the kids involved in re purposing and painting their beds, my husband and sons hung drywall and me and my husband painted. We were tired when we finished but we had a new and improved space and we got just a little closer as a family. I want that for you too!

Help Is On The Way!

My goal is to help you create a space that makes you feel confident in your decorating skills and ultimately makes you feel good. Let’s make it happen!
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