How To Decorate With Plants-Bringing The Outside In


How To Decorate With Plants


You can create a living space that not only looks nice but promotes better health and air quality in your home by learning how to decorate with plants. Adding plants into your decor is an easy way to reinforce your personality and bring some natural elements to your home as well.

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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You


Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Fresh out of master bedroom decorating ideas? Does your bedroom give you a sense of peace? Are you able to unwind and turn off the chaos when you step into your boudoir? Read on to see all the exciting I have in store for your bedroom.

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Unique Wall Decor-Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas


Kitchen Wall Decorating

Kitchen walls are usually forgotten but I hope to inspire and open your creativity up to some kitchen wall decorating ideas. Our kitchen is where my family’s heart is. Like most people I know, it is the gathering place for laughter, love, new beginnings and old memories.

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4 Brilliant Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Do you have bathroom decor ideas on your mind? Take a look at your bathroom. Do you like what you see? Are you satisfied with the look or style of it? Do you need to give a disclaimer to your guests before they can use it? If you’ve answered yes, then keep reading for some really awesome ideas to help you transform your weary washroom into a fabulous comfort station.

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Unique Wall Decor-Accent Wall Decorating Ideas


Adding Unique Wall Decor

When I am preparing to decorate a space I always envision how I can add some unique wall decor. There are a lot of ways to inject personality into a room. You can use colorful artwork, patterned drapery, flowers and throws. The possibilities are endless. But what about the walls? They are not just dividers between rooms or the supports to hold your house up, they are blank canvases just waiting to be introduced to some creativity and personality.

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Different Home Decorating Styles-Create A Space You Love



Different Home Decorating Styles

Does your spouse or significant other have a different home decorating style than you? Do you find it hard to decorate with a design the both of you will love? Maybe you’re just moving in together and need to figure out what to keep, what to get rid of without offending each other or don’t have a lot of money and need to make whatever you have work. I’ve heard the horror stories of him not wanting to let go of that dreadful futon from his college dorm days. You know the one. The one that’s been vomited on after the parties, the one that smells like funky corn chips from all the sweaty socks. Yeah that one! Some still have the corn chip crumbs in them.

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Finding Your Design Style In 4 Simple Steps


Finding Your Design Style

Searching for your individual style in this world is so important. However, finding your design style is essential for your individuality and sometimes your sanity. If you are anything like me, most days are filled with activities that are designed(no pun intended) to service something or someone else. Being a mom usually has me doing hair, helping with homework, cooking dinner and sometimes I am a mannequin stand-in for my youngest daughter’s pretend YouTube videos. Add my 9-5 to that and I’m exhausted.

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Spring Is Here-6 Darling Diy Spring Decorating Ideas


Spring Decorating Ideas


Spring is here and I am ready to tell you about some Spring decorating ideas! Well a girl can dream can’t she? Recently the weather has been agreeing with me so I got excited and figured I’d tell you about decorating for Easter. Now that you have done your spring cleaning and gotten organized with my last two articles. You can see them here.  Are You Spring Ready? and Clearing The Clutter. The coming of spring obviously means warmer weather but it also can bring new beginnings. The snow and ice begin to melt and the ground begins to soften up eagerly awaiting the arrival of new blossoms.

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